Gold for the Golden Years

Living in Retirement Introduction Superannuation is a popular media topic. Huge financial figures are headlined. Frequent comments are printed about potential change. This always implies changes to taxation. Or to put it more simply, a reduction in your standard of retirement living. Invariably there are comments about about Government Policy favouring one group or another. […]

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Will You Live to 120?

The first Australian to live until he or she is 120 years old has probably already been born. If it is you or I, then perhaps we should consider just how we will finance our longer than anticipated retirement.

We will do it with the aid of our superannuation, however, it will not be a simple matter of retiring at 65 and living off superannuation for the next 55 years. Despite changes outlined by the Federal government to increase the eligibility for the Age Pension to 70, there is still another 50 years of financial security that need to be accounted for.

While living to 120 is probably unrealistic, let’s look at the possibility of making it to the ripe old age of 100 years.

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